Sunday, January 23, 2011

Hubpages Experiment: Day 6

I am sorry for the long delay. I know I had promised another update soon and I took to long. The truth is that not a lot has happened over the last couple days. Sadly, my adsense income stays at $2.90. I really wish that I had big news, like I was already up to $10, but it just didn't happen. But, I realize that it will take time, patience, and a whole lot of backlinks before I really start earning... but it is tough to see that I have not been able to muster up even one click over the last 4 days. Oh well, I will try to stay positive and do everything I can to hit the goals I set for myself.

After 6 full days on hubpages I have 11 published hubs (2 of which I wrote over the last two days, and just published this afternoon...), and one hub in the works.

One of the strategies I am going to try out is writing longer (5000+ words) articles and breaking them into separate hubs and connecting them to each other with backlinks.

For example, in my last two articles I wrote about making money like its your job: the beginners guide to passive income and create passive income through investing: learning how to create you first financial portfolio. I treated the making money like its your job article as the main article along with a link to the article about creating passive income through investing. I am hoping this will improve the number of readers I get to both... I guess we will see. I feel like the content is pretty good, but my readership is still pretty low. Sadly, the only way to increase page views is through backlinks... which really sucks, because creating backlinks is the only part of writing/blogging that I really despise (though, it appears to be a necessary evil.

If anyone out there has any suggestions to increase site traffic without having to create so many of your own backlinks I would certainly appreciate any advice you have to offer. thank you...

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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Hubpages Experiment: Day 2

I know i should have had an official "Hubpages Experiment: Day 1" but I titled that post as Passive Income. I hate that the flow of the hubpage experiment is off, but oh well. All I can do is try to do better in the future.

Anyway, here is my update:
After a little over 48 hours I am the proud author of 6 hubs. I have also done several hours of reading to see how to improve my SOE and keywords as ways to improve the number of views my hubs (the hubpage equivalent of a post or article) receives. So far my Adsense revenue is at $2.91. This came as a bit of a surprise because i had read several articles saying it takes lots of hub creation, time, and patience, before you see any money. Again I realize that it is only $2.91, or .22/hour, once you consider the nearly 13 hours i put in to reading about how to excel at hubpages and the writing and promotion of the hubs. Definitely not a lot of money but you have to start somewhere. Also, the basic idea is that this is residual income and it will keep coming in year after year, so I am gonna cross my fingers that this is what happens for me.

thanks for reading

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Budgeting is part of finance, but since it is a little different, I opened up a new page: Small Time Budget Blog

I think it is a good idea to break these into two separate categories, since each has a wealth of information out there. It will keep everything nice and neat and keep my writing on track, rather than scattered about like beer cans at a frat house.

I will be sure to blog about it under the budgeting section, but while it is on my mind, feel free to read my newest article on weekly family budget planning

Monday, January 17, 2011


Passive Income

As an experiment I recently started posting articles at hubpages. I am going to attempt to write 2 or 3 per night to see what kind of passive income stream I can generate after a handful of months. I will track the time I spend and the money I earn for all to see. My current articles can be found at 

I currently have articles on:
The Cost Structure of a New Cleaning Company
Starbucks Corporate Analysis
Specialty Coffee Competition Analysis
Financial Analysis of Two Competing Businesses

Maiden Post

This is the first post of my first blog, so i will keep this one short and sweet... I am an MBA student. I am very interested in personal finance, business finances, the stock market, small business ownership, and the prospect of an early retirement.

I will try to put in a new post a week, but more likely, it will be longer... but I will try...

See my analysis on two similar publicly traded companies using various ratios that I learned in my most recent accounting class.

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